Jean Ray Laury made her first full-sized quilt in 1956 as part of a master's degree project in art at Stanford University. It was a delightful, and completely unorthodox quilt depicting all the things that interested and excited her young children. Today her quilts are non-conventional, very individual, and often humorous or political.

"Quiltmaking has been a wonderful and exciting part of my life. I can't imagine me without it."

Below you will find a small sampling of Jean's quilts. You will find more of her unique designs and quilts on her licensing pages.


Tom's Quilt

Tom's Quilt, 1956
© Jean Ray Laury

SPF 35 Quilt
InnerSpaceOutter Space Quilt
Red Checkered Cloth
SPF 35
Inner Space Outer Space
Chicken Little
Red Checkered Cloth
Tabletop Mountain
William Tell's Son